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Hello Everyone, I really need someone to respond to this post. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! I'm not an appliance

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Old 01-03-2011, 06:02 PM
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Exclamation Help! Need Compatible Magnetron
Model Number: JVM1350WW02   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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Hello Everyone,

I really need someone to respond to this post. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

I'm not an appliance repairman by trade; however I am a former technician and was hoping for some technical assistance with a microwave problem. I called the number on the website, but they can only type in a model number and read a general description. They are not technically trained and suggested I submit a post to this forum for expert advice. In order to avoid replies such as “what is you model number”, “did you test this or that”, I will try to provide those details. Please forgive me if this is too much information.

I have a GE Profile SpacemakerXL Sensor (over-the-range) microwave model JVM1350WW02. It began to make a loud buzzing/humming noise when the unit turns on. It was an electrical sounding hum like a stuck relay or something. I immediately shut the unit off since I was concerned about causing more damage. I completely disassembled the unit and cleaned all the grease, grime, dust, etc, then looked for any obvious signs of a problem.

I did find a cold solder joint to a transistor/power regulator on the control panel board. I removed the part, cleaned up the area, tested transistor as working, then re-installed. I also found an overheated primary door switch with a burnt female spade connector to the switch and melted plastic (see attached photo). I also found evidence of arching inside the switch. I replaced the switch and connector and used non-conductive shrink tubing since I could not locate the factory plastic connector covers.

After further research and a few called to appliance stores, I was told it was most likely the HV diode or the magnetron. I tested the diode using two tests; first with a 9v battery in series to verify continuity in one direction and infinity in the other; second using the procedures in this video: “YouTube - Microwave diode test. The diode passed in both tests. The HV capacitor also passed with .91µ (rated at .92µ). The magnetron has continuity between the filament terminals, but not between the terminals and the chassis. Meter readings were less than 1 ohm. Fuse is good.

I reassembled the unit and tested for heat. The microwave does not heat which leads me to believe the magnetron is bad. Also, the buzzing/humming sound stops with the unit turned on, but with the magnetron unplugged at the filament terminals.

My paperwork inside the cabinet entitled “Critical Parts List for Service” says the magnetron part number is WB27X1114. Internet searches show it was replaced by WB27X10516, but that is an OM75P(31) rather than OM75P(10) like the one currently installed. GE says the correct part number for my model is actually WB27X10017. Assuming you all agree the magnetron is bad, here are my questions:

Question #1: Can I use any Samsung Magnetron labeled OM75P(10) which also has the properly positioned attachment bolts on the chassis?

Question #2: What is the difference between the Samsung OM75P(31) and OM75P(10)?

Question #3: Beside the price, what is the difference between AP4245083, AP4245180, and AP2025937?

The pricing of the magnetrons in question #3 varies dramatically, but they look exactly the same and are all OM75P(10). I don’t need the “GE” label. I just want a compatible magnetron with the same specs that will safely operate in this unit. Similar to RAM, you can buy the manufacturer’s suggested part for $250 or compatible for $45. If the AP4245083 magnetron will work for under $40, then I don’t need to spend $150+. Nobody seems to have any technical answers other than asking for my model number and giving me what the computer spits out.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond. Your time and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year to all!

Joe B.

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Replaced Magnetron OM75P(10) Samsung and started working fine in cook mode but have problems with defrost mode. It starts after about 3 seconds and goes off after a few seconds and than starts again. The door light does not work with door but works when heating. Still troubleshooting .Samsung Magnetrone the original in the GE JVM1331picked up on ******** new for $55. Any other thougts would be apprecaited.
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Default Spacesaver Magnetron Warranty - obsolete parts

I saw on the web that these OM75P (10)s are now out of production. The problem being a good 1100 W replacement. evidently the (3X) was supposed to replace it. Now I see that GE is no longer making Magnetrons for Consumer products, Samsung has tried to match their catalog with some success. I found the WB27X10017 crosses to 10QBP0230 for those that are out of warranty. GE warrants Spacesaver tubes for 10 yrs. Check out this post and try it. I don't know as of 03-2011 if it is still good.Replace Magnetron in GE Microwave (Spacemaker).

Good Luck
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