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MarinChef 12-06-2010 07:59 PM

GE Profile Spacemaker Microwave lost power
Tonight, the power on my 2006 GE Profile Spacemaker II microwave went completely off in the middle of warming a cup of soup. As usual, I placed the room temp. cup of soup in the microwave -- loosely covered with plastic wrap -- on the glass turnstyle, shut the door and pressed the "1" tab, for one minute of heating on high power. After several seconds, the microwave lost all power and went completely dead. I plugged it into other working outlets but to no avail. Might you think it needs a new fuse? I read your reply to a 12-3-10 posting, entitled "GE Profile Microwave went dead" where you admonished the subscriber to never open the door without first stopping the cooking. Tho I don't do this, my boyfriend often opens the door in the middle of a heating cycle without pausing or stopping the microwave first. Perhaps this may have compromised the fuse and it went bad. Hoping it's not requiring a new magnetron tube. Look forward to your assistance in diagnosing the new part(s) I might need. Thank you! Helen:confused:

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