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Jack17 08-24-2013 10:31 AM

Frigidiare AC strange start
I have a Frigidaire that is basically dead. Power is getting from the plug to the control panel so its not the reset on the plug. If I unplug the unit for a while and replug it in it beeps. If I push the on/off it will start. If I leave it plugged in after it is turned off and try to restart it by pushing the on/off nothing happens. If I quickly unplug it and replug it in nothing happens. It seems it must remain unplugged for some time to be able to hear the beep and be able to restart. Any ideas what is wrong with this unit. I also notice that the FAM187S2A has the term ENG and then B which is part of the model number since there are several renditions of this unit. What does the ENG stand for? Also curious why there are some many sub models of this model. I find it hard to believe that the circuit boards are better on the other models. Why the changes? different factories?

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