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reynja 03-05-2013 11:39 AM

Williams wall heater problems
I recently purchased a cabin that has a Wiliams wall heater as a heat source. When I leave the cabin after a weekend, I set the thermostat at 50 degrees. The last two times I have returned to the cabin, the temperature has been near 30 degrees, and the heater is not running. When I turn up the thermostat, the heater fires up and works fine all weekend, but I do notice that the blower fan takes about 10 minutes to start after the heater has started. I would think that the blower fan should start within 1-2 minutes after the heater starts. There is a reset button located on the upper left side of the heater, near the fan, and I am wondering if this is a high temperature switch that is tripping the heater offline because the fan is slow to start and the heater gets too hot.

Can someone offer suggestions on how to diagnose this problem, and explain the function of the reset button?


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