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Pauline Kosmoski 07-30-2012 10:49 AM

Frigidaire Electrolux portable a/c
i recently received this appliance from a family member and an adaptor was missing which i ordered from you (WCI 5304479114). This piece fits nicely onto the a/c unit but the flexible hose that goes into it at the other end does not snap in or hold onto this adaptor properly - i have to use duct tape to secure it! Moreover, at the other end of this flexible hose is another adaptor that fits onto a plate that is installed into a window. This adaptor also does not hold on securely to the hose or onto the window plate. There are notches and openings that align with one another, however, when they are inserted into one another it does not "catch" or hold properly in place...i.e, it keeps falling apart - and again I have to use duct tape which really is not holding it securely. Please help!!!:confused::o

Pauline Kosmoski 07-30-2012 10:52 AM

please reply to my email:

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