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mackb4 08-03-2009 02:53 AM

Bryant outside a/c unit won't shut off,new contactor installed.LONG POST.
My Bryant 90+ more outside a/c unit contactor started sticking.Youn could bang the unit and it would quit,than about 4-5 hours later it would stick again.
So it finally started sticking all the time and I checked out the contactor,and sure enough it was toast.
So I simply replaced the contactor and nothing happed.You could plung the spring and the contactor would draw in but not keep the compressor or inside fan running.
The new contactor was not made exactly like the old one,and I apparently shorted out the new one,and the 24volt transformer.
So a freind who is a HVAC qualified tech. checked it out he told me how I had the contactor wired wrong,showed me how to wire it.
I then replaced the transformer and contactor,but the a/c will still not shut off.
Now when the t-stat setting is on auto and neutral,not air or heat,the a/c and fan does not run.But put the selector to a/c it runs the unit and fan all the time.The heat cycles as normal.
So what's wrong ? Do I have something wired wrong on the contactor ?
I've also put a good control board in that was loaned to me by my HVAC buddy and still the same results.
Oh and I changed the t-stat.
I need a wiring diagram or some real good advise.
I'm worried my electric bill will be skyhigh,or I'll ruin my unit.
Thanks for reading this long post folks.:confused: :confused: :confused:

mackb4 08-03-2009 03:50 PM

My problem is solved.
My HVAC buddy came over and ran a check on my old and new t-stat.BOTH ARE BAD :mad: !
He had a new one in his truck and BINGO,problem fixed :) .
If in doubt,call a professional :rolleyes: .

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