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Hi, I have 6 old GE Wall heat and air units. I believe they are were installed in either the

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Default Older GE Zoneline Wall Ht/AC
Model Number: A2B388DAALR1   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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I have 6 old GE Wall heat and air units. I believe they are were installed in either the late 1980's or possibly 1991 at the latest. They were all working just fine, but last month one of the units AC quit producing cool air. Heat worked fine as does the blower. Now that it has become cold outside I am using the heating mode. Last week one of the units was running all day. That evening I smelled something odd, sort of a burning smell from the unit. I checked it and found it was blowing out cold air rather than hot. I don't want to replace these units for another few months. Does this sound like something a repair man can fix rather easily? Or even I could fix?
Thanks for the help.

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