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richappy 01-01-2008 05:02 PM

Tell us your worst repair nightmare!
I have one with a happy ending.
It's Christmas eve, got called into a run down house, very messy and smelly,barking dogs clawing to get at me. Work for one hour getting a 15year old rusty, stacked Whirlpool direct drive washer apart to replace the lid switch.
Finally get it all done. In spin, washer makes bad banging noises and drain overflows by my feet. Owner says, uh it never did that before, but promptly opens the door and says you gotta direct the drain hose out the door, drain clogged up! Pull motor, bearings are so bad the rotor is hitting the stator.
Came back with a used motor, ran like a dream when done. Only charged them $100. Heck, it was Christmas eve, they where very happy!
This is better than the poor guy in Detroit. Pulls up to the house, row house to the left and right, burned down to the ground, ist bad omen. Owner answers the door, gun in his belt wearing a police badge and restraining a mean snarling dog.
Dog starts barking, owner says "shut up", dog ignores this, second bad omen.
Gets to the defective dryer, dog poop and other unmeantionables all over, starts cleaning the deposits from dryer, then brings up his lunch on the floor.
That did it, took just a few minutes to vacate property.

misterfixall 01-01-2008 06:58 PM

glad i live in canada ,never came close to either if these stories, your a trooper Richappy , Happy New Year

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