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ajrwolf 12-27-2008 07:59 AM

Gas fireplace conversion to Direct Spack/IPI
:) My wife (and myself by association) has undertaken development of one of her passions: Green sustainable design and construction. She has been successful in getting certifications (LEED) and fostering several working relationships with architects, energy auditors and green construction companies in the Baltimore region.

As you can imagine our house has become the test site for retro-fitting and design for energy efficiency (i.e. indoor air quality, insulation revisions, etc.).

My wife and I have noticed significant heat output from the gs pilot light on our gas fireplaces. This has resulted in two issues:

1. undue cost especially given the increases and predicted increases in NG costs;
2. warmer rooms in summer.

We have been turning off the pilots in summer. however, we would like to gain better control of costs and energy efficiency.

We would like to replace the constant on gas pilot with a DSI or IPI (or any other advanced system in our gas fireplaces.

I (we) would appreciate any suggestions, recommendations and help offered by the experts on this site.

I am sure that this may eventually make its way into green remodeling recommendations with some of her consulting work once the low hanging fruit and economical recommendations are instituted.

Regards and happy holidays,


Hearthman 01-01-2009 07:39 PM

need info
provide make, model and serial number to mfr.'s tech support and they can advise if conversion is allowed and provide parts. Simple standing pilots such as on vented gas logs usually burn about 600-800 BTU/hr., Quick dropout pilots with a thermocouple and thermopile, such as with gas direct vents usually burn ~1,200 BTU/hr. Ventfree ODS pilots burn about 1,600 BTU/hr.


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