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bhorenkamp 01-10-2013 01:18 PM

Whirlpool trash compactor limit switch keeps failing
Whirlpool trash compactor kept running. Replace the limit switch part number 777811. It immediately worked and kept working for a month. Now same problem. What would cause the limit switch to fail again?

jenniferatkins 01-31-2013 05:01 AM

Whirlpool trash compactor limit switch keeps failing
Switch may be fail again. If it fail again the check some steps troubleshooting

Trash Compactor Will Not Run:
First check to see that the compactor is plugged in properly. Check the wall outlet for power. If there is no power to the outlet, check either the fuse box for a blown fuse, or the circuit breaker to see if it has been tripped. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker, as needed.
If the door is not closed properly, a safety mechanism in the trash compactor may prevent it from being turned on. There may also be an automatic thermal cutout installed in the compactor that will prevent the motor from overheating. If you have just compacted a lot of trash, wait at least 15 minutes and try running the compactor again.
Check to see if the plastic bag within the drawer is hung on something, preventing the ram from working properly.

Trash Will Not Compact Properly
First ensure that the drawer is at least halfway full before trying to compact the trash. Also, ensure that the drawer is not being overloaded during each compacting cycle. Use small, frequent compacting cycles for best results. When compacting plastic bottles or aluminum cans ensure that they are placed in the center of the drawer for proper compaction.

Ram Starts and Then Reverses Immediately
Try holding the key in longer. If this fails to help, it is likely that the problem is the result of the defective upper-limit switch that will need to be replaced by an authorized service technician.

Thermal Cutout on Motor Trips
If the compactor attempts to start on its own after repeated use and has a "hot" smell, the problem may be a defective upper-limit switch or a defective centrifugal switch on the motor. These should be replaced by an authorized service technician.

Drawer Is Hard to Close
Check for too much trash in the drawer and for trash that has fallen behind the drawer. Clear the trash from behind the drawer, remove excess trash and compact the trash again.

Drawer Will Not Open or Fails to Open Smoothly
Ensure that the ram is in the up position before attempting to open the drawer. Several types of damage can also cause this situation, including loose or worn rollers, a bent roller mounting bracket, or a defective drawer track. These problems should be repaired by an authorized service technician

Bag Slips Down into the Drawer
If the bags being used slides down into the drawer during compaction, ensure that you are using the proper bag recommended by the manufacturer. Also, ensure that the bag is properly installed prior to operating the compactor.

bhorenkamp 01-31-2013 08:36 AM

Sticking Start Switch
Found that the start was sticking - it had a rip and some sticky stuff got in it. The switch was working fine this time.


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