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Doug Elkins 05-04-2008 07:08 PM

motor noise
I am helping a friend with her dryer woes. The motor made a loud buzzing noise when the start button was pressed. I measured the current at 39 amps while it was making the buzzing noise. We went ahead and ordered a replacement motor and belt for the unit from you folks. Upon receiving the motor I compared resistance values between the new and old motors. These values all matched and now I am not so sure the problem is in the motor. I had hoped to find a shorted or burned winding and at least some variation in the resistance values. I know that I can not return the motor once it is installed so I am looking for a little reassurance that I am on the right track before I complete the repair.

Also, the fan (plastic squirel cage) appears that I can take a socket to it to 'unscrew' it from the motor armature. Is that the prescribed method?

Any insight you can share is much appreciated.

A hearty thank you.


ApplianceJunk 05-04-2008 08:07 PM


What is the full model number of that dryer?

With the full model number I could try and look up the service manual for you.

Doug Elkins 05-05-2008 02:53 PM

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I have no idea if i entered the model number in the right place,,,


Doug Elkins 05-06-2008 07:14 PM

Any idea about the normal current with these motors? I have to make a decision yesterday. She is ready to send the motor back.

m/n LG8319W2

richappy 05-11-2008 02:56 AM

Either you measured the wrong current, or the motor is indeed pulling high amps.Normal motor current is around four amps.
The motor must have cut off on it's thermal overload, if not, the motor is not drawing high current. If it is, either your internal centrifical mechanism has failed, or the centrifical motor switch has shorted.
I usually check this by prying out the internal motor centrifical mechanism, and checking if the centrifical switch disconnects the start winding. Just look for a black plastic wheel inside the motor, and pry it away from the centrifical switch.

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