Gas Dryer Drum Doesn't Turn After Pushing Button.


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Hi, I have had trouble with this dryer previously but for a non-related issue. I replaced the coils after coming

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Old 01-31-2010, 12:41 PM
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Default Gas Dryer Drum Doesn't Turn After Pushing Button.
Model Number: LGR3624EQ0   Brand: Whirlpool   Age: More than 10 years   

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I have had trouble with this dryer previously but for a non-related issue. I replaced the coils after coming here and it has worked great ever since.

Recently, I started noticing that it was taking longer for loads to dry but the heat seems to work fine. I checked the exhaust and it is not clogged. In the last few loads, I noticed that a squeak was developing while the drum was turning.

Then I noticed that it seemed like the dryer was taking longer to start. I push the button and the sound is heard of it starting by it doesn't start as quickly. Then, I began hearing louder squeaking noises.

I checked the drum and noticed that it was difficult to turn. Not always but seemed like on one side of the turn. Then, it finished a load and now, it will no longer start.

I press the button and hear the motor actuate but it doesn't turn the drum, just hums. I let go of the button and humming stops. I am assuming that I have a belt issue but I was hoping to get some feedback here because I am in no way, skilled at this. Also, I noticed that the drum does not seem to be "exactly" centered on the front. I can lift the drum slightly up and down. I believe there is a sleeve that the drum slides on there.

As always, I appreciate any help. Thanks..

Update: I did something I probably wasn't supposed to do but I wanted to see if the drum was turning at all when I pushed the start button. So, I opened the door and pushed the little switch that the door pushes on and then hit the start button.

The drum is definitely trying to spin but seems like it is dragging real hard. Turning the drum by hand is quite difficult but it does spin. I hope the extra information might help someone looking at this post.

Thanks again!

Update 2: OK. I removed all the clothing which were a bit wet still, and tried again to turn it on. It started and spun for about 15 seconds. Then I heard a click and it shut down. After that the only sound I could hear was the timer.

Update 3. Picture added of motor location. I didn't remember taking pictures last time when I replaced the coils but I'm hoping someone recognizes this setup and might point me to a manual or maybe provide some instructions on how to work on this thing.

The coils were relatively easy to replace once they were determined to be the problem but this thing looks like it has to be accessed from the front and as you can see, it sits all the way to the back.

If an other photos or information is needed, please let me know. I'm in the process of pulling the front end off again. Thanks!

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Please Delete..

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OK. The front is off again and everything looks just like the picture. First thing I checked is the belt and when the drum is centered, I would say the belt is a little loose.

Then I checked the front part of the motor you see in the picture. To check it, I first lifted the drum up so that there is no tension from the belt at the point of the front and tried to turn the armature using the motor shaft.

From the front I could barely get the armature to turn, but it did turn some. Then I checked the back of the armature where the fins are. I turned the fins in both directions with relatively easy force.

I don't have a manual but it looks like the front part of the armature is supported by some bearings. Would it be possible to replace those bearings? Or is it just as much work to replace the whole motor?

Appreciate anything at this point..

Update: OK. I pulled out the drum and do not see anything defective that sticks out. With the drum out, I cleaned up a bit and tested the motor. When the drum is out, the motor spins and hums.

The support wheels also spin freely. Everything seems to work when the drum is out.


Update: I did a bit more inspecting and this is what I found. Both of the seals on the drum had a bit of lint stuck to them but I would call it minimal so I removed that with a fingernail.

I looked at the motor again because none of this is making sense to me. The armature spins pretty freely however:

1. When it is turned, it kind of sounds like it is turning on felt, instead of what I would normally expect it to sound like.

2. When I turn it counter-clockwise, there is no squeak. When I turn it clockwise, there is a squeak. However, turning in either direction offers the same resistance. It seems to turn pretty easy.

3. There is no play in the motor shaft while it remains mounted.

I know I could find out more if I remove the motor but I am concerned about removing the two clips which seem to be what holds it in place.
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File Type: jpg IMG_0514.JPG (72.7 KB, 41 views)

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With no other direction to go, I decided to remove the clips holding the motor in place hoping that it would pull out but it doesn't. I believe that is what the tag on the motor is referring to at this point to separate the motor shaft from the blower.

Unfortunately, the blower is located on the other side of the cabinet wall and to access it, you have to remove that lint trap housing. I didn't want to go there so since the motor shaft was spinning freely, I decided that the problem was a severe lint build up in that blower area. Maybe it worked itself loose.

I put everything back together and turned it on. It started right up and whole mess of lint and crap came flying out the exhaust. I figured this must have been happening for quite some time so I cleared the exhaust pipe leading to the outdoors. I straightened out a metal coat hanger and bent a "U" at one using a pair of pliers and reached inside the exhaist as far as I could while the dryer was running. There was a whole mess of lint and crap in there, too!

You would think my problem is solved at this point but I'm not so sure. A few minutes after starting, the dryer started making this dreaded squeaking noise coming from the back of the unit, most likely from that blower area. Then, it just went away. Hmmmm.

Anyway, the pics I included here show the clip which locks the front of the motor shaft in place. The back one is very similar except it is wider. The back one goes back on without any problem but the front one wasn't so easy. I ended up using a small pair of channel locks using that hole to pull the clip down to lock it in place. Worked like a charm!

Next test, dry clothes soon.
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OK. The motor is toast! I decided I need to replace it, however, separating the motor armature rod from the blower seems to be a trick. I have removed the front and rear clips holding the motor down to the base bracket. Then I removed the base bracket out of the way, too.

The blower fan sits on the other side of the housing, inside the blower enclosure which is held in place by 3 screws. However, to remove the screws holding the blower housing in place, you must first remove the blower fan to get to them. I can't remove the fan from the outside and the motor will not pull away from the inside.

Any ideas? What am I missing here?

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OK! It unscrews BUT "left hand thread" so it unscrews in the direction you would normally screw something on. So, you turn CLOCKWISE to loosen!!! DUH!!! I posted another pic. This one shows how to unscrew the blower fan from the motor armature rod. In the pic, the motor base plate has been removed already. I learned later that it wasn't necessary to remove the base plate.

NOTE: The blower fan is made of plastic and it is screwed onto a metal rod, so I sprayed some Break Away (GREAT STUFF) and waited about 30 minutes before trying.

I positioned a smaller adjustable wrench as close as possible against the back wall and made sure to tighten the wrench as snug as possible onto the fan. Since I am turning CLOCKWISE to loosen, I laid the end of the adjustable against the side of the cabinet to lock it in place.

I used a larger adjustable (the one that is turned CLOCKWISE) on the other end of the armature rod and gave a firm CLOCKWISE turn. It was either going to break or break free.

SUCCESS!! I don't know if it was the Break Away or not, but after it broke free, it screwed off CLOCKWISE easily the rest of the way.

Now to order a new motor from Appliance Pros and I'll try to follow up after installing the new motor. But if I do not make it back here, installation is in the reverse order. So, you would turn the motor armature rod COUNTER CLOCKWISE, in the same direction you would normally loosen something, to tighten the blower fan back on.

DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN because you are screwing a metal rod onto a plastic fan. The normal operation of the dryer will keep the fan tight.

That's why they use a "left hand thread."
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Just wanted to add some pics to finish this thread. The adjustable wrench along the back wall holds the fan from turning. Use the adjustable on the front of the motor shaft to turn CLOCKWISE to loosen the shaft. Spray a little breakaway a few minutes before and keep your fingers crossed that the fan doesn't break when you first break it loose. (I have read on this forum that it's normal for them to seize and usually break when trying to remove - metal on plastic).

Anyway, once the shaft is unscrewed from the fan, get the motor out of the way. Note that you will have to remove the duct on the back of the dryer to access to fan. However, if the motor comes off cleanly like mine did, you might be able to replace the motor without doing all of that. I removed it because I was concerned about a buildup of lint at the bottom of the fan housing.

Assemble in the reverse order and DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN the new motor shaft to the fan. Because the fan has a "left-hand" thread, the normal direction of spin keeps the shaft from unscrewing from the fan.

Hope this helps someone.. Everything continues to work nicely.
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg Motor unscrewed from inside_1.JPG (61.9 KB, 20 views)
File Type: jpg Fan Comes out from outside_1.JPG (74.8 KB, 19 views)
File Type: jpg IMG_1313_1.JPG (136.6 KB, 19 views)

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