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cyberdata 04-17-2008 08:21 PM

Kenmore Gas Dryer I can see the flame kick on for 30 seconds and shuts off.
Hope someone can help me I have a Kenmore Gas Dryer, Mod # 110-74642400, Ser. # 1204253, 120v,60Hz,6A... My problem is no heat. I can turn on the dryer and I can see and hear the flames kick on for 30 seconds but after that it wont kick the flame back on. It goes the thru the cycle i set for it just fine of one hour or for 20 minutes. But there is no heat after the first 30 seconds when i turn on the dryer. I have turned on the dryer on and off to see if the flame turns back on and if I let it sit for a bit and then try to turn it back on it will do the same thing of the first 30 seconds of flame and cuts off and wont see or hear the flame kick back on at all. I do see from time to time a glow down at the bottom.. it will be a quick yellow glow of light then it will die out but still no flame. Anyone have any ideas of what i need to do to fix the problem or what the problem could be? Thank you in advance!

kayakcrzy 04-19-2008 07:14 AM

What you need to do is replace the coils on the gas valve. Don't replace the gas valve, just the coils. If you need me you can reach me at my web site at ********************************************

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