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The burner does not ignite every time the ignitor glows. It seems to work okay the first time it lights,

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Default Dryer won't heat
Model Number: DG710   Brand: Maytag   Age: More than 10 years   

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The burner does not ignite every time the ignitor glows. It seems to work okay the first time it lights, but on subsequent tries, the ignitor will glow, but there is no gas to light.

I have checked several things:

1) I checked to vent for obstructions. I disconnected the vent tube from the wall, and the air flow from the blower is strong. I left it disconnected while doing the rest of my testing. I removed the lint cover and the cover on the blower motor to inspect the air flow spaces, and they all are clear.
2) I checked the sensors on the burner tube. When I disconnect them, they read zero ohms.
3) I checked three sensors near the blower motor. Two of them read zero ohms. One of them is open circuit.

The settings of the machine are dryness set to "dry", temperature set to "regular", and the dial is set to regular.

I wish I new what each of the sensors does. I could probably make a better guess what the problem is and what to replace.

The problem seems to be temperature related. If I turn the machine off for a few minutes and then try again, then it will light the first time, run about four minutes, and then it won't light after that, even when the ignitor is glowing. The ignitor glows again about a minute after the flame shuts off.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Default More information

I know this is a tough one, but I have some more information (I don't usually give up quickly). I decided to look at the voltage going to the burner assembly in order to see how the voltage changes as the ignitor and flame cycle on and off.

There are two wires going to the burner assembly. In the burner assembly, there are the coils that operate the gas valves, the ignitor, a flame temperature sensor, and a thermostat. The thermostat is actually in series with the rest of the burner other parts. So I looked at the voltage going to the rest of the parts. This is a Maytag dryer, so this means I looked at the voltage across the two pins of a big connector right next to the gas valves.

When I start the dryer, the voltage goes to 120 volts (AC). Then the ignitor goes on and the voltage goes to 118 volts. A little voltage drop is probably reasonable while the ignitor is on. Then the fire starts, the ignitor goes off, and the voltage goes back to 120 volts.

The fire goes off and the voltage stays at 120 volts. Then the ignitor goes on, the voltage drops to 118 volts. Then the ignitor goes off and the voltage goes back to 120 volts. No fire any more. this cycles over and over until I turn the dryer off.

So I figure the problem is on the burner side, since the voltage is not switched off by a thermostat or the controller. The voltage stays on and something in the burner side is turning the flame off and keeping it off.

I have to wait awhile (for everything to cool off, I guess) before I can repeat this.
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