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wjmeyer 12-15-2009 07:26 PM

dryer won't heat up
The drum will spin but the dryer will not heat up. The drum light also does not light up. These problems occured at the same time. I have tried tripping the breaker and it did nothing. When I hold down the door switch and turn on the dryer I can see the drum spinning. When I let go of the switch the light comes on and goes off again quickly like flipping a light switch. What might be the problem?

sidfink43 12-17-2009 06:35 PM

You are going to have to open it up and check the wiring that goes to the door light and thermal fuse/thermostat devices. You my just have a loose connection which is causing the problem, and if that loose connection is in the circuit that goes to the thermostat it can cause the dryer not to heat.

Inside the console you should find a wiring diagram which will help you trace the circuits you need to check.

If that does not work, check the thermostats for continuity.

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