Kenmore Dryer wont stay running


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I have a Kenmore Elite model 11072932100 Gas Dryer. When I push the start button it starts. When I let

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Old 12-09-2017, 11:54 AM
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Default Kenmore Dryer wont stay running
Model Number: 11072932100   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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I have a Kenmore Elite model 11072932100 Gas Dryer. When I push the start button it starts. When I let it go it shuts off. Any ideas? Not the switch or timer.

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What you explain is a symptom of a bad centrifugal switch on the motor.
Pushing the start button sends power to start the motor. When it spins to a certain speed a centrifugal switch closes and thus continues the power to run the motor as well as the heating element. If this switch isn't closing (possibly due to lint build up or other factors) the motor won't continue to run. If the contacts in the switch are bad or broken it won't continue to run.
The motor will need to be replaced.
Here is the part you need.
Whirlpool 279787 Dryer Drive Motor - AppliancePartsPros.com
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Old 12-18-2017, 07:30 AM
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Sometimes you can take the switch apart and free up the contacts if they are stuck open, Also you can usually move the centrifugal switch activating ring on the motor shaft by using a small screwdriver inserted from the top of the motor (make sure the unit is disconnected from the power). It should move back and forth against the springs that are part of the mechanism and it will snap open and snap back when you remove the screwdriver.
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