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cshot2 07-01-2017 03:19 PM

Kenmore Elite He5 Gas Dryer Won't Run Diagnostics, Intermittently Won't Start
For some time now my Kenmore Elite He5 Gas Dryer (110.97086601) intermittently will just power off after selecting the cycle before I hit start. If I'm really quick hitting the start button immediately after selecting the cycle, sometimes it will start and run the cycle. Sometimes when it does this the remaining time won't count down, but the dryer will eventually stop when it determines the clothes are dry.
If I don't get it to start, I can power it back on and attempt again, and sometimes it will work.
Other times that I can't get it to start, I unplug it for a minute or so and try again and this usually works.
Rarely (but to the extreme annoyance of my wife) I just can't get it to run for quite a while. I just leave it be and come back in an hour or 2 and try again.

I attempted to run diagnostics by following the 2 sec on-off-on-off-on button push sequence, but the display just very briefly flashes on, then stays off. No error codes displayed.
I've attempted unplugging for a minute and trying again with the same result.

I previously replaced the master electronic control board for another unrelated failure (failure to heat), which as it turns out was not caused by the control board, and replaced something else to fix it. So I just swapped out the control board I currently had installed with the original that I hung onto. Same result on the diagnostics not running.

1) Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get diagnostics to run?

2) Does anyone have any thoughts on what the failure for the dryer to run might be?

Thanks in advance

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