gas dryer with intermittent heat


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This is a Kenmore series 70 gas dryer. During the initial start everything functions normally. Flames up and runs for

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Question gas dryer with intermittent heat
Model Number: 11076722695   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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This is a Kenmore series 70 gas dryer. During the initial start everything functions normally. Flames up and runs for 5-7 min then cycles down, when it tries to re-ignite on the next heat cycle you can here a chattering sound, the ignitor glows but no gas is released to light, then the ignitor cycles back down. Here are the components I have replaced, gas coils, ignitor, flame sensor, cycling thermostat. The timer, thermal fuse, and hi-temp thermostat were checked with a multi-meter and all checked out. I think the only thing left is the gas valve itself, but given that it works initially AND some repair guys and my local parts supplier says that would be VERY unlikely( and costly). Anybody got two more cents to put in?

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Unfortunately it appears to be a gas valve problem. If you can return the parts you have already installed you may be able to afford to replace the valve. Otherwise you are going to have to buy a replacement dryer.
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