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Below is a video link (30sec) of what's happening. Basically, dryer turns on, igniter element heats up, something clicks (I

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Default LG - Gas doesn't ignite
Model Number: DLG4971w   Brand: -other-   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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Below is a video link (30sec) of what's happening. Basically, dryer turns on, igniter element heats up, something clicks (I think its the flame sensor), then no gas. I've tested all the parts in and around the assembly that is visible in the video for continuity and they're all good. (note - i don't know where the thermal fuse is nor have i found a diagram to help me - this was the first suspect..)

So where I'm at - 1) there's a thermal fuse in there somewhere that I haven't found or tested and I need to replace it, but I need help locating/accessing it; 2) could it really be a faulty gas valve? seems very unlikely as it is a relatively new unit - 1-3 yrs - and it was working just fine and then stopped in the middle of a dry cycle. ....sounds more like a fuse to me.

Is there anything about watching this video that confirms it is or is not one of these 2 options? Anything else you see that tells you what the problem is? Any guidance is appreciated - I have laundry to do tonight!!! Thanks,


Video Link: https://goo.gl/photos/N9jeumCGRdMEJcSS7
(video also shows how uncoordinated I am trying to press a button while getting my visual cue of its location through the phone screen...)

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