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DDEBRUS 01-19-2014 12:20 PM

Takes too long to dry
i have replaced the cycling thermostats and continue to have issues with it taking too long to dry clothes. Would it help to replace the thermo fuse?

fairbank56 01-19-2014 01:36 PM

Double check the model number, doesn't come up. If dryer is heating, thermal fuse is ok.


denman 01-20-2014 03:12 AM

The most common cause of long dry times is a partially plugged vent system.

Unplug the unit and disconnect it from the vent system.
Now try a run.
If it now dries OK odds are the vent system needs checking/cleaning.
Be sure to check that the louvers on the outside of the house open correctly.

If you do not want any lint in the house.
Take a pair of pantyhose.
Put one leg into the other and then attach this to the dryer's vent.
Leave enough room so the pantyhose can balloon out like a windsock.

Both the above will let you check the temperature and the air flow.

Note: The above is not recommended for gas dryers due to carbon monoxide concerns.

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