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MG1979 11-21-2013 05:00 PM

Whirlpool LER7646EQO makes sound when turned on. Drum does not move
Whirlpool LER7646EQO makes sound when turned on. Drum does not move

Appliance Ninja 11-21-2013 05:09 PM

If the motor is running but you have no wash or spin actions, the motor coupling is likely worn or broken. There is a video at the link below that will show you how to access, inspect and replace that coupling, should you find it faulty!

Whirlpool 285753A Whirlpool Direct Drive Washer Motor Coupling -

denman 11-22-2013 12:46 AM

Here are your parts.
Parts for Whirlpool LER7646EQ0 Dryer -

If the sound is coming from where the motor is it could be a couple things.

If it is a hum then perhaps just the belt has broken.

If the sound is more like a buzz it could be motor problem.
Try turning the drum by hand. Should turn fairly easily. If not could be the drum is jammed for some reason. You may want to try this on a couple other dryers to get a feel for it.
If it is difficult to turn run your fingers around the back and front of the tub to machine seal. To see if something has jammed between the tub and frame (bra wires are famous for this). Be careful in case the object is something sharp.
If nothing is jammed in there you will have to open it up and find the cause.

If it rotates OK.
This may take 2 people
Open the door
Manually hold the door switch closed
Push the start button and manually rotate the drum in the correct direction.
Watch your knuckles in case it starts up.
If it does start up, odds are high that you need a new motor.

Could also be that the motor is jammed solid with lint and this is preventing the Start/Run centrifugal switch from resetting (the unit is trying to start with out the motor's start winding in circuit.

Appliance Ninja 11-22-2013 07:51 AM

Not quite sure how I overlooked that this was a dryer...but I missed the boat! Thank you for the correct information. :o

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