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clothes not drying
My 8 year old electric Maytag Neptune (MDE9700AYW) dryer seems to run fine, but it is not drying the clothes, just tumbling them. The clothes come out damp, just as I put them in. The lint trap and exhaust tube are clear and there is no debris under the machine. Could this be a thermistor or heating element or something else?

Additionally, and maybe or maybe not coincidentally, I am now hearing a fan belt type squeal while it is running.

HumboldtRepairMan 08-31-2013 02:16 PM

Here's some helpful video's
neptune dryer not heating - YouTube 08-31-2013 03:58 PM

Thanks for the video suggestions.

After doing more internet research, it looks like i need to replace the hi limit thermostat (part #35001092) and the cut off thermostat (part #35001087).

Most places recommend replacing both of them at the same time. Other dryer models and/or manufacturers offer these as a "kit", but not for my Maytag Neptune MDE9700AYW unfortunately.

It looks to be an easy repair, even for a beginner like me.

HumboldtRepairMan 08-31-2013 04:12 PM

Yeah replace thermostats in pairs as sold in kits or nearby thermostats just a smart rule of thumb 09-07-2013 10:10 PM

Clothes still not drying after replacing the hi limit and cut off thermostats. I did more research and considered replacing the heating element also.

I was able to remove the entire heating assembly and used a meter to check the ohms for the new thermostats, as well as the heating coil. All seem to have continuity. There were no brakes in the coil (spring-like looking thing). As a last ditch effort, I was able to reconnect just the heating element and turn the machine on. The coil did not glow hot or produce any heat after letting it run for a couple minutes.

Not sure if the wires that are connected to the heating element are delivering any electricity to the heating element. Could this be a motherboard problem where something in the dryer's brains is not letting a current get to the heating assembly (or at least not to the heating element)?

Could there be a short or a loose wire somewhere causing the same issue? Not sure what would cause that to happen. Not sure where to start looking for that. Maybe it is time to buy a new machine or call a professional (in the Phoenix, Az area if anyone has any suggestions)...?

Any ideas or anything else I can try?

denman 09-08-2013 03:05 AM

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See the attachment for the tech sheet.

Check that the unit is getting 240 volts.
The motor and control board use 120 volts but the heating element requires the full 240 volts.
Try flipping the breaker off/on slowly a couple times. Sometimes you can loose half the line without actually tripping the breaker.
Check the voltage at the plug
L1 to L2 should be 240 volts
L1 to Neutral and L2 to Neutral, both should be 120 volts.
Unplug the unit and check the wires at the terminal strip in the machine to make sure none are loose or burned out
Check the power at the terminal strip.
Do this with the heater off and on.
Be careful as 240 volts is lethal !!!

If power is OK run the diagnostics.

Unplug the unit.
Place one meter lead on the blue wire at the control board that goes to the heater. Leave that lead there and then chec kback through the heater circuit.
Use your most sensitive resistance scale of the meter.
So one side of the heater will be 0 ohms, the other side will be about 10 ohms.
Both sides of the hi-limit thermostat and the Safety thermostat should also be 10 ohms.
One side of the centrifugal switch on the motor should also be about 10 ohms.
That is the heater circuit checked out so all that is left in the circuit is the centrifugal switch and the heater relay.

Unplug one side of the thermistor and check its resistance, should be around 10,000 ohms.

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