Whirlpool gas dryer too hot


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Since new, the console Temperature Switch has to be turned to a lower position than should be necessary for the

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Old 08-01-2013, 07:56 AM
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Default Whirlpool gas dryer too hot
Model Number: LGQ9858PW0   Brand: Whirlpool   Age: More than 10 years   

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Since new, the console Temperature Switch has to be turned to a lower position than should be necessary for the type of drying required. Even then, sometimes the items get way too hot.
I've replaced the Temperature Switch on the console, and the Cycling Thermostat, but neither one made any difference. I removed the vent hose & made sure it was clear. The drum seal seems fine.
What do you think might be the problem?? What is the part number for the needed item??

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Stick a meat thermometer in your lint trap area or disconnect the hose in the rear of the unit and put it there and get an accurate reading of the exiting temperature of the unit.......average cycling range goes down to around 120 then should be topping out at 200 give or take 10%.. Did you ohm out everything to do with the heating circuitry? Did you check your cycling thermostat before installing it? Should ohm out infinity on one set of connections and the other should have low to moderate resistance......Ohm out the thermostats in the rear they may be faulty inside or have loose connections........ Ohm the radiant sensor on the burn tube?.......ohm the gas coils>......etc etc.........did you check your ventilation at the wall? disconnect the dryer from the vent on the wall and see if it runs cooler because the exhaust has somewhere to go you may have clogging in the venting in your wall where the heat has nowhere to escape........i'm thinking you may have a sticking coil perhaps or a bad burner valve if all these other things pass the continuity test and the ventilation is good. Check the exiting temperature first.
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