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dafuchs 07-24-2013 10:52 PM

Dryer won't start
I had repairman look at the dryer, he stated it needed a new control board. We chose to purchase and install the control board, except after removing the top of the dryer noticed that the belt was not there. Well after taking the back of the dryer off we found the broken belt. Well, just wondering should I replace or check out anything else before replacing the belt? The reason we called the repairman in the first place is because after turning on the dryer after I pressed start their was a click but it wouldn't start.:(

denman 07-25-2013 01:45 PM

Here are your parts
Parts for Maytag MED9600SQ0 Dryer -

Probably all you needed was the belt as this unit has a belt switch that kills power to the motor if the belt breaks.

Check that the motor spins OK manually.

Check the following for wear and bearing slop idler wheel, front and rear support rollers and the drum seals.

Note that if you click on many of the part's picture/name a new page will open with additional info on that part.

Give the interior including the blower wheel a good cleaning.
Also a good time to check/clean your vent system.

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