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I recently changed my heating element and fan motor on my GE profile harmony electric dryer. Mine was the model

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Default Ge profile dryer element & fan motor step by step
Model Number: Dpgt750ec1ww   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I recently changed my heating element and fan motor on my GE profile harmony electric dryer. Mine was the model Dpgt750ec1ww. I am not a mechanic but I found this to be really easy and saved me a ton of money on a repair guy. First unplug the dryer from the socket before doing anything. Then you can remove the 4 screws on the top-back part of the dryer that makes the digital panel and top move free. Then remove 4 other screws behind the dryer door and this will allow you full access to the motor, drum, wiring, etc. For the heating element- remove the two screws that hold the heating element bracket in place. Disconnect the electrical wires that are connected to the heating element. Now remove the two screws that hold the bracket to the heating element and then put the new heating element in. Next reverse all these steps and your good to go. This is all incredibly easy and will only take about an hour of your time.

Now for the fan motor. If you need to take the dryer apart follow the steps above for front panel removal. Now that you can see inside the dryer you might be overwhelmed but its a breeze. First remove the two screws on the metal lint duct assembly and remove this part. Next remove the two screws on the large round metal trim and set this part aside. Now you will need to remove the fan blower wheel. This step is easy but remember the threads are opposite of what you expect. Pull the fan/ blower wheel and set this part aside. Now its time to remove the blower housing. (This step is a bit tricky). With the fan/blower wheel removed you can remove the three screws inside the housing and also remove the two screws on the bottom outside of this housing. Now reach behind the housing and unclip the wiring harness. Next undo the two wires attached to the housing. The wiring is kinda hard to unclip do to limited access but if you reach underneath the blower housing with one hand and the other hand around the side it makes it easier to get to. Although this all sounds overwhelming its super easy!! Now you need to get the plastic fan/blower housing out of the way. This may require you to lightly pry the housing out of the dryer. Mine was a little tough to get out but with a large screw driver it popped right out. If your going to pry on this piece do it with precision care. That is the hardest step of this whole project!!!
Now with the fan/blower housing out of the way you can finally see the fan motor. It's now really easy from here. Just remove the two small screws from the motor bracket and unclip the motor. The entire piece should now come out. All that's left to do is remove the clips that hold the motor to the bracket and replace the motor into the bracket. When placing the motor into the bracket make sure it's nice and secure. It's now time to reverse these steps and reassemble the unit. If you feel like your in over your head just look up your specific dryer. It will show you a imploded version of your appliance and will make this much simpler.

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