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Steves9411 04-12-2013 05:53 AM

Need more help with dryer heating problems
PROBLEM - The dryer stopped heating. I checked for the continuity of the heating element – 10.3 ohms, high heat thermostat – 0.3 ohms, thermo cut-off fuse – no continuity, cycling thermostat – 0.3 ohms, and the non-resettable thermo fuse – 0.3 ohms. I discovered that thermal cut-off fuse had no continuity, so I cleaned all vents and the dryer thoroughly of lint and purchased and installed a new thermal cut-off kit (fuse and high heat thermostat). The thermal cut-off fuse still keeps kicking out. I learned from an appliance repairman on YouTube that if I smack the thermal cut-off fuse flat side down on a hard concrete surface it will reset. Have done this several times to get dryer to heat for short time, but then it goes out again and heating element won’t heat until I reset the thermal cut-off fuse. Any suggestions of what might be wrong?

Note: I installed a new heating element in fall of 2011.

Gene 04-12-2013 03:14 PM


Remove the wires from the heating element terminals and check for continuity between each of the terminals and the ground. If any of the reading is other than ∞, replace the heating element.

- The heating element assembly Part number: 3392537

Part number: 3392537

BTW, it comes with both thermal cut-off and hi-limit thermostats installed.


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