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In the past week, my dryer keeps shutting down while drying and will not start right back up. I normally

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Default Dryer keeps shutting down while drying
Model Number: 11086873100   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

Appliance Parts from AppliancePartPros.com

In the past week, my dryer keeps shutting down while drying and will not start right back up. I normally have to wait about 15-20 minutes before the dryer will start back up. I am now only getting about 15-20 minutes of drying before it shuts off. It also does not start right up, it takes holding the button in for a bit before it starts up. It has also been running a lot louder than normal in the past two days. Since this dryer is sold old is it worth trying to fix? And if it is worth fixing can you tell me what the most likely issues would be so I can see if I can fix it or would need to call a repairman. The dryer is an electric dryer. Thanks

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Here are your parts
Parts for Kenmore Dryer 11086873100 - AppliancePartsPros.com

Sounds like the motor is overheating. It then trips it's internal thermal protect and you have to wait until the motor cools down and the protect resets before it will restart.

Try turning the drum by hand. Should turn fairly easily. If not could be the drum is jammed for some reason. You may want to try this on a couple other dryers to get a feel for it.
If it is difficult to turn run your fingers around the back and front of the tub to machine seal. To see if something has jammed between the tub and frame (bra wires are famous for this). Be careful in case the object is something sharp.
If nothing is jammed in there you will have to open it up and find the cause.

Clean your vent system and the dryer including the blower wheel and motor.

If all OK then I would replace the motor.

I cannot say if it is worth repairing s it depends on the condition of the dryer and what parts if any you have to purchase.
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