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EMSguy 02-19-2013 02:11 PM

Gas Dryer, Not heating, An oldie but goodie.
Hi this is a very old GE gas dryer that is in the rental home I am in. The dryer starts but the igniter does not glow. Also, and I think this may be a separate issue; when I open the door the dryer doesn't stop running, however if the timer reaches "off" it will stop.

I, regretfully, do not have a multimeter/voltage checker.

I have replaced the ignitor, the terminal the ignitor connects/clamps into, and the flame sensor/heat detector (the thing with two terminals that mounts on the heat shield next to the ignitor).

I have learned on here it's likely that the dryer has a Thermal Fuse somewhere, but I can not find one in the parts listing for DDG7286MBL. :eek:

Maybe it is possible I crossed wires when cutting/striping/connecting the ignitor terminal using the generic wire crimp connectors that came on the new ignitor terminal? That seems like a basic circuit to me, but I had to cut the quick connect off.

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