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slsgbs 09-29-2009 03:16 PM

Dryer Door Won't Open
My dryer door is stuck and will not open. I have run several cycles to the OFF stage, but the door will not open. I have pulled very hard to open it, but it will not open. I have never had any other problem with the dryer. Can you help me with a solution? It is a total mystery to me.
Sharon Sigler

sidfink43 09-30-2009 06:37 AM

Well, if it makes you feel any better, and it probably won't, it's a total mystery to me too.

Looking at the exploded diagram of your dryer it appears the door is held with just a typical dryer door latch, and it should pull out easily. I can only surmise that the clip on the door has become entangled with catch, and this is a GE dryer style that I am not familiar with so I do not know if there is any way to remove the whole front and get at it that way. I can only suggest you gently but firmly (hows that for contradictory words) try to pry it open.

Let's see if someone else can post some suggestions.

slsgbs 09-30-2009 06:32 PM

Thank you for trying to answer my question. I got a maintenance men to come look at the problem of the deyer door not opening. He found the door latch was broken with the door shut. He had seen it broken, bu the door wouldn't stay shut, but never this. He pried open the door and fixed the latch. Thanks for your response. The door is repaired now and working fine.:)

sidfink43 09-30-2009 06:38 PM

Well, that makes all of us.

Glad you got it fixed and thanks for the update.

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