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cdrd03 11-24-2012 12:32 PM

Fridgidaire Dryer going crazy
I am having quite an unusual experience with my dryer. It is cycling through the settings automatically with an audible tone with each change. The cycle selection will only cycle down to touch up, but the temp and dryness selections cycle from high to low then start at high again. This is before the start button is pressed.

Occasionally everything will go off and the digital display shows --. Sometimes when it can be restarted and other times it wont respond at all. It would only do this once or twice a week until last week and now it does it all the time.

When it first started, I could press the cycle button to get it to normal selection and press start quickly. The dryer would act properly. Now when I do it the temp and dryness continually cycle for another 30 to 40 seconds and the machine shuts off.

Also....I would turn down the volume for the beeping (it was really annoying). When it decided to start cycling again the volume was all the way up. The volume otherwise stays full.

All the buttons feel like they have good action when pressed.

I have taken the device apart to get to the control board to see if anything is obviously wrong, but it looks ok. I have however noticed a diode on a plug that plugs into the control board. With the plug unplugged, the diode reads open both directions. What does this diode do? What size is it? The only indication on it is the gray band on one side. Looking at the wiring diagram, it appears to be across j11 and j12 and is called a transient volt suppressor.

So...I think that it is either the control board, control panel, diode (transient volt suppressor) or a combination of. How can I troubleshoot thees items.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated

cdrd03 11-27-2012 11:30 AM

I reinstalled the control board and put the dryer back together. I made sure that the ribbon cable was fully seated. I did not replace the diode.

When I turned the machine back on, the cycling of settings has not happened again. I have had it plugged in for over a day and no cycling. Now I have a new problem that may be associated with taking it apart. I can set the machine up to dry, but when I press the start button it instantly goes to pause. I can cancel the settings to get back to --. The only other thing that I did was to clean out any lint and dust inside the machine and also cleaned off the temp sensor on the discharge. I have made sure that all the plugs and wires are seated good.


cdrd03 01-21-2013 12:27 PM

Still no go
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I have replaced the control panel and the control board hoping that it would work,but it still does not come off of pause. This is in timed and auto dry mode. I have checked the the door switch and it works fine. according to the wiring diagram that I have attached, the control board has a motor relay RL1 that has to activate. I am getting nominal voltage on pin j9. What could be causing rl1 to not come in.


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