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bavism 11-24-2012 12:06 PM

Ge Harmony Dryer will not turn on
My GE dryer will not turn on. I have the service manual but want to be sure I am identifying the correct part as the problem.

This particular dryer has an LCD screen and a few push buttons that you use to turn on the dyer and then choose your settings. The LCD will not come on at all.

I've confirmed the dryer is getting 240 from the wall outlet as well as traced 120 to the inverter. The service manual says when 120 is present at CN10 then there should be 5V dc on pin 3 and 7 on CN11. My volt meter only detected 4.14 volts on those two pins.

The manual further explains this 5V is used to power the LCD in a standby mode, waiting for a keypress.

When a key or the LCD is pressed I should get 12 VDC and 20 VDC on two other pairs of wires.

I am not getting anything on the other wires when the LCD is pressed.

So I'm wondering if the inverter is the problem since I'm only getting 4.14 vdc when the manual says I should get 5? This seems like its the problem, but I wanted to make sure it couldn't be something with the LCD since I'm not getting anything on the additional two set of wires (really no indication the LCD has been pressed).


rlevy 09-29-2013 08:45 PM

anyone reply
Did you ever fix this problem? I have the same problem, voltage to the dryer is fine. Haven't checked the DC like you did, but it just seems like there's a simple fuse or something that's keeping the LCD from displaying.

thanks for any help/response.

email me offline if you want:

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