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cajjj34 10-15-2012 04:52 PM

Flame for a minute then shuts off

So a week ago the dryer started heating for a minute or two than shutting off. I got on this site and started doing extensive research after replacing the thermal fuse hoping that was the issue. I immediately noticed extensive build-up of lint everywhere. I disassembled the entire dryer so that I could give it a good cleaning and hoped for the best, same thing. Then from there I started to check continuity on everything. Thermostats good, flame sensor good, igniter good (150ohms), gas coils seem to test good. I have the entire dryer in pieces. Well needless to say I still kept coming back to the coils so I went and got the two out of my parents dryer and installed them and exact same result. What should I try next???? I have no venting hooked up to the dryer so I dont believe there is an air flow issue anymore but I am out of ideas...ANY and all ideas or suggestions are appreciated...I am about to just buy a new one! :( Thank you in advance to all for any help...I can attach pics if necessary.


cajjj34 10-15-2012 07:31 PM

This not another gas coil issue... here are my numbers to prove the exsisting ones are fine. 55 views and no help? Com'on help out the noob! :)

What am I missing? Numbers seem to be within specs I was given...high temp thermostat next?

Gas coils Ω readings: Exsisting 2 prong ohm reading at 1275Ω Exsisting 3prong 1/2=1365Ω 1/3=553Ω
New coil readings: 2prong=1267Ω 3 prong 1/2=1373Ω 1/3=572Ω

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