GE profile dryer has power but won't start - just chimes like the door is open


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I have a GE profile dryer that was working fine when one day it just stopped in the middle of

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Default GE profile dryer has power but won't start - just chimes like the door is open
Model Number: DPVH880EJMV   Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have a GE profile dryer that was working fine when one day it just stopped in the middle of a cycle and would not start again. It has full power, but pressing start just chimes like the door is still open. Did some troubleshooting and verified the door switch is good with an ohm meter for continuity. Also verified the fuses are good. Was thinking it might be the power board or control panel. Ran all the self diagnostic tests and all work ok. The blowers come on, the thermistor and thermostat tests all test ok and no error codes. A visual of the control board looks clean, no blown caps or anything else that stands out.

I went through the circuit diagram as it relates to the door switch and found that it connects through to the door light where I found what I believe is the original cause. It looks like a button or coin might have smashed the bulb and temporarily shorted the filament causing some kind of arcing in the bulb housing. It was mostly black and the base of the bulb had an 1/8" hole burned clear through it. I removed the bulb and even cut out the housing but still the same issue. So I believe this goes back to possibly the power board or control board.

The only other item I noticed is a part called the rack dry interlock relay - GE part number WE4M442. This is also within the same circuit as the door switch and drum light bulb. I noticed it when trying to run the dryer set in the rack dry option - still get the same issue - and also when trying to turn on the drum light it makes a fairly noticeable clicking noise. Also, I noticed that with the power off, but the dryer plugged into AC power, this particular relay will become moderately warm within about 15 minutes. I'm not exactly sure what this relay does, but it doesn't look like something that should develop any heat under normal conditions, however this is just a guess from what it looks like. It doesn't get truly hot, but noticeably warm to touch. This could be a goose chase but since it is directly fed between the door switch and drum light bulb, and since it is getting warm and also the noticeable click noise I'm thinking it might be related and possible concern?

I would appreciate any advice on this part if what I'm describing could be related to this relay. The part isn't expensive - only around $30 with shipping but the problem is that it will take 2-3 weeks to get it. Is there any way to test this part to confirm if it is working or not before I order and wait?

Alternately based on what I've described if anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them.

In case it is of interest for this topic, or anyone in the future with a similar dryer, I found the following service manual online that has helped a lot:


It is not the exact model but similar and going through it has helped at least to eliminate a good variety of possibilities so far.

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