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My GE Profile dryer takes a long time to dry clothes (over 2 hrs!) and doesn't work on the time

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Old 09-04-2012, 12:44 PM
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Default GE Profile dryer takes a long time to dry clothes
Model Number: DPSE810EG5WT   Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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My GE Profile dryer takes a long time to dry clothes (over 2 hrs!) and doesn't work on the time sensor. I read on a post from a different site to check to see if the heater coil is working I can keep the door open, hold the door button in, and start the dryer to see if the coils heat up. They should heat up bright cherry red. My coils were very dim at first and then completely off. I am still getting heat, like I said, but it takes a long time to finish drying. Do you think I can replace just the coil? Do you think I need to replace the heating element? I am getting different answers about the parts from companies. GE said I can replace the coil (WE11M32) for $102.99. Or the heating element - don't know if coil is a part of this part- for $149.99 (WE11M30). When I called this site they said I can use part # AP4358513 for $57.61 and that would do it. Which should I order, and could it be something else?

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Old 04-06-2013, 12:56 PM
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Hi mom2, I replaced the coils in my GE Profile about 1 year ago. I was able to purchase just t h e wire coils alone. There is also a kit that includes the insulators. I had to do the job twice because I overstretched the coils in some spots when assembling them. A helpful local repair tech showed me the proper way to prestretch the coils before assembly and the second round went much better. The trick is to hold the coils(there are two coils that join at on end) by the joined end in one hand and the two separate ends together in the other hand. Spread your arms as far as you can stretching the coils as you do. Then carefully thread the coils into the heating element. If you find any damaged insulators, you will need to replace them. Be sure to check both thermostats. From your description it sounds more like a faulty thermostat than a broken coil. If the coil(s) are not broken, they are not the problem. BTW, I paid about $20 and change for the coils at a local repair center.
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Default update

I ended up paying somebody to come and look at my dryer. End up that lint had gotten completely around the drum and was causing it to not heat properly. After a good vacuum, he was able to get it working again fine. Moral of the story- the hose might be clear of lint, but the inside that you cant see can build up (the lint trap was free of lint too)
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Old 04-07-2013, 08:19 PM
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I was disappointed to see how much lint had built up in my dryer already. I just had it apart last year for a complete cleaning and overhaul. The lint was built up and hardened inside the air ducts. It was this way last year and I suspected the dryer sheets we had been using. We haven't used dryer sheets since the overhaul. Guess I'll just be opening it up for cleaning once a year. I wonder if moisture may be getting in through the vent. Changing the vent might help.
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