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Kristy6780 08-14-2012 06:30 AM

Whirlpool dryer...please help!!
I am unsure of the age of the dryer, we just moved into our house 3 months ago and it's the one they put in when we requested a dryer (It looks old).

Ok, the dryer had been working fine, then recently, when i'd push the start button, it would make a loud noise when starting up (the noise would go away right away, it was just when it started it make a noise). Well the other day i washed a comforter then dried it. When I went to restart the dryer (because it wasnt all the way dry) the dryer just made a loud buzzing (the noise it makes when the cycle is over, to tell you the cycle is over) and would not start, it didnt stop buzzing until i opened the door. I called the dryer repair people and they were scheduled to come out. Well the night before they were supposed to come out, I tried just for S&G to start it again, it started!!! :D I was happy! Cancelled the appointment and washed some clothes. The put them in the dryer and it worked, then my nightmare...i went to restart the dryer for a 2nd cycle...same loud buzzing! What could this be? I havnt tried it again today as i've been at work. I'm sure it will probably work again for one cycle. :(:confused:

dab147 08-14-2012 11:28 AM

bad dryer
Sounds like a bad motor.When they go bad they make a humming sound and sometimes start.Then after a while when they are running the motor gets to hot and there is a overload inside the motor and it stops the motor.After awhile it re sets and maybe it will start again.That is a good dryer but you probably need to buy a new one.All the dryers with lint filter on top are made by whirlpool.It is a very good dryer about 400 dollars.Stay away from G.E or any touch tone products.

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