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jbboyce 05-31-2012 07:13 PM

Dryers Timer works won't turn on
I have a Maytag Performa dryer that won't turn on,the timer works. I traced it down to either the T stat switch part number 53-2880 or motor. The motor rotates by hand so not locked up. Can The t stat switch enable a dryer not to start up?:confused:

denman 06-01-2012 03:45 AM

Here are your parts
Replacement parts for Maytag PYE4500AYW DRYER- ELE |

Seems the wiring diagram included in the parts is for a gas unit and I cannot find one for this unit so I am using info I have on other units in this series (PYE).

I doubt it is the Tsat you gave as this is the cycling (main) thermostat and only effects the heat.

More likely it is the thermal fuse (Item 5 in Section 5)
It kills power to the motor and the drum light, if you have one. The timer will still run.

Unplug the unit and one side of the thermal fuse and check it with a meter, should be 0 ohms.

If it is blown you will have to find out why.

Check the heating coil.
Unplug the unit and both wires to the coil.
Check it with a meter, should be around 10 to 12 ohms.
Then check from each side of the coil to the case/frame, both should be infinite ohms (open). If not the coil may have sagged or broken and is touching the case. This can cause it to run on high and the thermostats cannot regulate it so the thermal cut-off blows.

The hi-limit should have regulated the temperature so the fuse did not blow, that is why there is a new one with the thermal cut-off..
Note: That unless there is another problem in the unit the hi-limit should never have to open. It is just a safety device with the fuse being a backup safety device.

Just in case it is not a grounded element.
With all the below the high limit will also have to be replaced.
Check that the belt is OK.
Check the seals (drum etc) in the unit. The air is pulled over the heating coils, through the drum and pushed out the exhaust. So any large seal leak will pull in room air and the cycling thermostat on the blower will run the unit hot.
Check that the lint filter is not coated with fabric softener residue which greatly reduces air flow.
Check/clean your vent system.
Check/clean the blower wheel.

If all OK you may want to replace the cycling thermostat as it's contacts may not be opening (welded shut)

If you do not own a meter, I would suggest you purchase a one. You can get a decent digital multimeter for under $20.00. You do not need fancy though it is nice if the leads are a couple feet long.
If it saves ordering one unnecessary part it has paid for itself and you end up owning a useful tool.
Most places will not let you return electrical parts so if you order it, you own it.
A couple things to watch when measuring ohms and continuity
1. Always remove power from the machine otherwise you could blow your meter.
2. Always disconnect at least one side of any device you are checking. This eliminates the possibility of measuring an alternate/parallel circuit path.
3. When checking for closed contacts and continuity use the lowest scale (Usually 200 ohms). Then try higher scales. This scale is 0 to 200 ohms so if the device you are measuring is 300 ohms this scale would show an open circuit which it is not, you are just measuring outside the scale's dynamic range.
4. When you start always short the meter leads together. This will tell you that the meter is working and if there is any 0 offset.

There is a good STICKY at the start of this forum about it's use.

dryerdown 12-13-2012 06:46 PM

MayTag Performa Down
Hello I have a similar situation as mentioned in the original post. My question is; is the themal fuse normally open or closed. I noticed in the suggested testing that it should read 0 ohms which indicates it's open, but I am unsure if this is normal or do I have a blown thermal fuse? I have also checked the element and it reads 11.7 ohms and there is no indication of a short. I first noticed there was an issue when I had a burning smell coming from the dryer. My first indication was a bad motor, cause I replaced the belt about 3 months ago. But with the safeties it sounds like the motor may be good. Please Help!


denman 12-14-2012 02:37 AM


No, 0 ohms is open not closed. It is zero resistance to the flow of current.
Open is infinite resistance.

Is your model number the same as the original poster?

dryerdown 12-15-2012 06:16 AM

Denman, thanks for the reply. I figured it out. I had a blown fuse.

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