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Helpmefix 01-21-2008 05:52 PM

Noisy Maytag Dryer LDE8500ACW
My 14 yr old Maytag Dryer LDE8500ACW is making a lot of noise (metal screeching noise). Sometimes it starts with almost no noise, then it becomes almost constant and it sometimes goes away. When I removed the front panel and turned the dryer on, it made no noise so I could not tell were the noise was coming from. After I put it back together and used the dryer with clothes in it the noise returned.

I reviewed a post for a different Maytag model and it hinted at replacing the bearing kit, drum roller, belt and idler pulley. So I took off the front of the dryer and the lower right access panel to look around and vacuum the inside clean. The belt is significantly worn so that needs to be replaced.

1) Does it make sense to replace the other parts listed above?

2) I looked around to try to figure out how to replace the belt, but not sure what to do. Do I remove the "tumbler front" and then gain access that way. Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.


rick-dallas 12-01-2010 11:53 AM

Hey Sal,

I realize your post is a bit dated but was wondering what you ended up doing to fix your dryer?

I have the same model and from your description, the same exact problem. Just curious what you did to fix it.

Trying to learn from other people's experience....:)



Helpmefix 12-01-2010 05:07 PM


Luckily I am a pack-rat with emails so I was able to piece together what I did...

I started with ordering these parts:
Part Number Description Qty Price
AP3988821 (Y312959) BELT, TUMBLER & MOTOR 1 $19.31
AP3992607 (Y312527) WASHER, IDLER SHAFT ( 2 $3.31
AP3970789 (Y303705) PULLEY, IDLER 1 $10.34
AP2996314 (354987) Ring - e 1 $4.36

But the noise must have persisted because I ordered these a couple weeks later:
AP204721 (12001541) Drum roller 1 $18.01
AP3038076 (9703438) Retaining clip 1 $5.35

I vaguely remember that the black part of the drum roller separated from the "rim" of the roller and that was the cause of the noise. I would recommend doing both the drum roller & belt. I get the little clips because inevitably I might damage one & it is cheap enough.

And then a year later a totally different problem started and I replaced:
AP2954258 (312967) Clamp 1 $3.78
AP4294048 (Y303836) BLOWER WHEEL ASSEMBLY 1 $21.46
AP3038076 (9703438) Retaining clip 1 $5.35

This was obvious because the center plastic sleeve started to deteriorate and the blades were scrapping on the inside of the Blower Housing.

Hope this helps & Good Luck,

rick-dallas 12-01-2010 08:23 PM


Thanks so much for your quick and thorough response. I am taking your suggestion and ordering the parts you recommended and see how it goes from there.

Again, I appreciate the timely response? Isn't the internet great!

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