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osubuki 06-29-2009 06:07 PM

GE Dryer Front Drum Bearing Slides/Glides
My front drum bearing is totally worn out, and needs replacing. The slides/glides are so worn there are no remnants remaining (that I can find). So, in addition to the bearing, I need to order 4 of the glides.

But your parts listing indicates multiple choices...i.e. AP631382 (made by GE) @ $5.87...then below lists AP2041815 (also made by GE) @ $6.49.

To make things more the "front drum bearing" description, it indicates to use the AP2041815 if you have white slides, and AP631382 if your model is equipped with green slides (they no longer make red slides...go figure?).

So, if there are no slides left to check the color, which do I order for my particular model DRSR483ED1WW?

Thanks, Ken

applianceman 06-29-2009 07:11 PM

This is what you need. I donít know the APP part numbers but these are the GE part numbers. This dryer uses two white slides and two green slides. The two white slides go in the two middle slots and the two green go on the two outside slots.

2- WE1M333 white slide
2- WE1M481 green slide
1-WE3M26 top bearing

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