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steviee7 04-15-2009 03:59 PM

Kenmore Elite Dryer completely dead even after new EC board
Last week dryer kept beeping, to make it stop I unplugged, waited a few hours and plugged back in. Panel made the typical beeps and seemed to be fine. Next day went to use it and there was absolutly nothing working. No beeps no LED display
Followed the "for service technicians only" guide that I found inside behind panel. (Thanks Kenmore)
I have voltage coming in, I measured 120V at the electronic control board.(test 1)
Following the troubleshoting guide it points me to the ECboard and Touchpad. (test 5) I can't check the voltage (3v) On contacts P4-1 to P3-1 because I can't get into Diagnostic test mode!
ANyways I check all the buttons on the touchpad and they all make continuity. It says then to replace the ECboard.
I ordered a new ECU for APPros and the same thing happens.
I'm confused now. I'm pretty technically inclined so this I need help.

If I get no response of anything can a themosister or moisture sensor cause it to be completely dead? I would think there would be at least a beep or LEDs on giving me an Error code. Should I replace the Touchpad? even though it seems the ECU?


steviee7 04-15-2009 04:46 PM

Great, so I go back out there and test the touchpad function again, and most of the Keys don't work. I swear they did a few days ago when I determined that the ECB was bad. Now I tried again and again and only a few buttons would work. I would still expect a beep or something. Or would it not.

One note. When doing the button test I had my meter on diode test (the manual said to do this) and I would get about 1.2v, well I only saw .6v

So maybe my Panel was the culprit after all,

Any suggestions. I don't suppose I can send back the new ECU in exchange for a Touchpad. ???

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