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jmpatches 09-10-2011 10:02 PM

Kenmore dryer too hot.
I have a Kenmore electric dryer model 417.80042990 that gets very hot (too hot to touch) on the back portion of the lid and on the top portion of the back panel.

I cleaned out the venting tube inside the unit but that didn't change anything. To make sure it wasn't a venting problem in the wall, I purchased new venting tube and temporarily ran it out a nearby window, but it still got hot.

I've checked both the Control Thermostat and the High Limit Thermostat by testing them at room temp, and by placing them in the oven at their specified temp. Both seemed to operate appropriately. The blower pushes a good amount of air through the vent tube. I've taken the drum out and checked the coil and it appears to be in good shape and when the dryer is on has a nice even orange glow throughout the length of coil (I ran it with the drum out to watch it). While the coil seems to glow evenly (and the thermostats cycle the coil on and off), the rear panel is substantially hotter behind the top portion of the coil than it is on the lower part. Is there any way that the heating coil could be getting hotter in one spot than another, even though it's just one coil? I've been told that unless the coil is broken and shorting out that it's good, and that makes sense, but I can't figure out what else it could be. Any suggestions?

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