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bparks9111 03-16-2009 06:25 PM

dryer drum won't turn
I have a 6 year old Whirlpool Electric Dryer. The model number for my Whirlpool Electric Dryer is GEW9200LW1 When I select any of the dryer settings on the touchpad, the appropriate lights light up and the time display also shows the correct amount of time (so all is well at this point). However, when I push the start button, all I get is a click and it doesn't start. The Sensing light does flash as if the dryer would actually be working, and sensing the wetness of the clothing, but nothing else happens. Then, when I push the Pause/Cancel button, I hear the click again, as if the dryer would be stopping itself as it should. Pressing the Pause/Cancel button once more and it shuts off completely, again, as it should. The belt is fine, lights are working,!! Becca

denman 03-16-2009 07:14 PM

Here are your parts
Replacement parts for WHIRLPOOL GEW9200LW1 |

Here is a tech sheet

And last but not least a service manual$FILE/Duetdry.pdf

First try rotating the drum by hand, should rotate fairly easily.

Could be the thermal fuse in the motor circuit (on the blower), the belt switch or the control board.
If it is the fuse be sure to clean and check the vent system and the blower wheel.

Using a meter is preferred but you can check the fuse by jiggery pokery.

Unplug the unit, short the wires to the fuse together, tape them up so they cannot short to the frame, plug the unit in and give it a try. If blown replace it ASAP as it is a safety device.

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