Dryer heat blows hot then cold


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It's a tunnel looking part that glows orange ... then fades. This action was Audibly clicking on and off as

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Question Dryer heat blows hot then cold
Model Number: ZG2109W   Brand: Speed Queen   Age: More than 10 years   

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It's a tunnel looking part that glows orange ... then fades. This action was Audibly clicking on and off as well as the orange glow clicking on and fading. This is the igniter I am told.

Never worked on a dryer before. I'm a Landlord of several Multi dwellings that bought used coin op SQ washer and Dryer 6 months ago.

Wanted to dump Webb Laundry Service. Which I am delighted I did.

Here is a photo:


Upon further postings in other forums. ...

Sequence for "glow bar" ignition is: 1 Dryer call for heat and glow bar heats up. 2. Sensor calls for gas valve to open. 3. Burners ignite and sensor calls for gas valve to stay open. If glow bar only glows part way it is bad. If you hear the gas valve open and then ignitor goes cold you may have to reposition glow bar a little. Burner may be clogged in area under glow bar, therefore no ignition. These are the basics. Look at the ones that work and you'll understand. CAUTION: Glow bar is very hot for a long time after it is no longer glowing (trust me). good luck, Brett

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I noticed from the picture that what looked to be the end of the gas valve seemed to be clogged with lint. So I took a shop vac with a fine tip with a brush to the under area and got all lint sucked up and out. I took a pin (dryer unplugged for safety of course.) and cleaned out the gas valve end. Plugged in the dryer put a quarter in and fired it up. The gas ignited right off. Yay. However it stayed on for a short while. Then went off. When I smacked the black C battery looking part the gas ignited again then went off. So following the path that Brett set out above it would be the sensor that is bad correct?

Or should I just replace the Igniter and the sensor while I'm doing the repair? I don't know how old the machines are as I bought them used. Does the serial number tell you the year the unit was made in? Like a car vin number does?

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