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StateTrouper 05-31-2011 04:18 PM

Part Number LG Dryer Legs?
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I have a major problem. The replacement legs I ordered from PartsDirect don't match the legs that came off my dryer. Wide plastic legs were sent, when the original legs are steel - the type often seen on washing machines, and even stoves (they look like bolts, with two nuts on them). What's more disturbing is that I've contacted a number of parts distributors and they've indicated to me that the part number 4778EL3001B is all they're showing for this model. How can this be? I've searched high and low for a replacement for the four legs and have been able to come up with nothing. Hopefully, with a little luck, someone out there can help me. Below is a photo of the different legs (the correct one is on the left, the one everyone else is saying is the right one is on the right.) Help!

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