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coppereater 01-30-2009 05:52 PM

Another no-run timer
As many others, my dryer fails to advance in the miser modes. I have powered the motor separately--it runs fine. Checking the motor leads, there is no power to the timer motor in the miser modes, but there is in the regular timed modes. The dryer heats, dries, cools off fine, just never stops because the timer doesn't move. So, fine, use the timed mode. But, just in case I want to use the miser mode, what has broken??

libertyappl 01-30-2009 06:04 PM

Most likely the Dryer cycling thermostat, l155-25 is your problem. It's located on the blower housing. You can test it by placing it on a hot surface and ohm the large contacts, it should have no continuity at these contacts while cool. When it's hot there should be continutity between the two smaller contacts.


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