Buzzing/humming noise when trying to start a load


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Loaded up the washer and started a load. The washer filled up with water and then nothing. Could not get

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Default Buzzing/humming noise when trying to start a load
Model Number: LA6800XKN1   Brand: Whirlpool   Age: More than 10 years   

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Loaded up the washer and started a load. The washer filled up with water and then nothing. Could not get it to drain. I took the load out the washer and drained the water out (yay for electric pumps!). Tried to get the washer to go into a spin cycle but it wouldn't. All I would get is a loud buzzing/humming sound whenever I tried to do anything. took the access panel off and ran it through the modes again. The buzzing appears to be coming from the drive motor area. During my visual inspection of the motor the washer decided to start spinning so I let it finish. During that spin cycle the motor started more or less screaming but then quieted down. Once it was finished with the spin cycle I thought I would try and do a load of towels. Tried to turn it on but all I got was that buzzing/humming noise again. The culprit appears to be the motor or could it be something hooked to the motor like a switch or (im guessing) the black capacitor that's keeping it from working? Can I still even get parts for this washer? I found the receipt and it was purchased in 10/2/81. Thanks, Doug

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