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ls3c6 04-28-2011 09:02 PM

What diagnostic procedure for my autodry problem?
I have had this drier since I bought my home 2yrs ago and the behavior has always been the same, i've removed the front cover and exhaust/squirrel cage assembly when I first was disappointed with it's performance and everything is clean.

When I use the auto-dry setting I must put the selector on "less dry" and even then it seems to run more by time than "sensing" the temperature... usually in this mode loads take 60-65 mins before I get the alert it's gone to cool down mode.

This isn't like most auto-dry "dial never moves" concerns, it does eventually finish the cycle... but if I were to select "more dry" it would be much much longer.

It does heat and the clothes come out dry, but I think it may be running for too long.

I just ran the dryer with the front cover off in autodry mode and noticed that immediately the igniter glowed bright orange, gas was emitted and it had a flame for about 15 seconds... but then it clicked off, like it was told to.. but maybe not supposed to?

Based on my limited knowledge of how it's supposed to function, does this sound like a problem with the multi-thermostat 5 pin there in the exhaust path? Any steps to test it with a multimeter?

How often should the flame cycle on/off during the auto-dry? Before I removed the cover I always assumed the flame was always on during drying, guess not.

ls3c6 04-28-2011 09:46 PM

Update, the first time I tested and saw the flame go off quickly I wasn't holding the door against the frame, just the button.

Just now I checked the coils, got 574 ohms between 1-3 and 1320 ohms on the 2 prong unit.

While holding the door against the frame and running it in auto-dry, I checked the temperature output from the vent. At 155f the flame turns off, I hear what sounds like a click at the top near the timer, the temperature drops to 130 and I hear another click down below, again at 115 which I believe is the igniter coming on, then once it reaches 110 the flame is on and it gets back up to 155 before the flame turns off again... yet the timer does not advance and this cycle continued for 20 minutes without any movement in the timer.

In timed dry the timer works normally.

Seems the multi-temp sensor isn't working then or what?!

ls3c6 04-29-2011 12:43 PM

bump for help.

ls3c6 04-29-2011 09:05 PM

Update 2:

Dried a small load on auto-dry, monitoring exhaust temps during the entire cycle. It took 62 minutes to signal it was done, here is what it did:

1. Heats to 150f
2. Flame turns off, timer starts
3. Temp drops, at 130f timer stops.
4. Temp drops to 125f and begins going up again, timer still off.
5. Gets back to 150f, timer turns back on and runs until 130 is reached.

Looking at the service manual there should be a 15f window for cycling, not 25f... does this mean the cycling thermostat like I suspected? Anything else to check?

ls3c6 05-02-2011 06:30 AM

OK ordered new coils and cycling thermostat, but noticed existing stat is a 150f with a -25f cycling rate, so is the above behavior i'm experiecing normal?!

ls3c6 05-03-2011 10:48 PM

Cycling tstat and coils replaced, still experiencing 155-115-155-115f cycling and 75 minutes on autodry to dry a normal load with a few sweaters/pairs of jeans/shirts.

all these views and no input... no exhaust restriction, strong flame and no detectable problems... I guess the unit is just a design problem and I need to buy new.

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