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RWH 07-10-2008 07:10 AM

Door Gasket Question // Leaks
DW has started to leak at bottom left front. BOth corners of the door gasket where they make the bend at the sides / bottom have what appears to be cuts. They both look identical, and I am wondering if this is normal to allow the gasket to bend in that radius or is this from wearand tear and is therefore most likely the source of the leak. Part#AP2920909
$50 for a simple rubber gasket is high $$ to take a chance on if its normal or not or if the gasket does have to be cut as such to make this bend transition. Any input greatly appreciated.

Seems strange however as I had a Kitchen Aid (forget what model now) that was the top of the line that was removed form my house when I moved and brought with me and installed inthis house and it was well over 35 yearas of age, and never cost a dime on repair parts or leaked a drop of water, and it was used constantly in rearing a family of 6. This DW is used once or twice a week for a family of two now since we updated with a newer machine and its been a constant source of problems. Sure do not make em like they used to, thats for sure.


richappy 07-12-2008 04:10 AM

Smear some vaseline on the door gasket, should fix the leak.

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