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joemess 02-20-2010 11:16 AM

Quiet Partner III, Pots & Pans only cycle that starts
the "Normal" button won't work to start a cycle. Only the "Pots & Pans" button starts a cycle. have tried pressing "cancel" and trying another setting, but still only pots and pans works. Read somewhere that pressing "hi temp, sani rinse, hi temp, sani rinse" resets the unit and runs a diagnostic, but apparently not for this model. The control pad is not locked, but I can still lock or unlock the control pad. Any help greatly appreciated as I went all out and bought this unit over cheaper ones to avoid problems. Also, the pots & pans cycle doesn't seem to do a proper cleaning, leaving soap and food residue on the dishes. Is there any diagnostic that can be run on it? Would it be cheaper and worthwhile in the long run to repair or replace?

Thanks for any input,

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