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Tirzah 09-06-2017 09:37 AM

Rinse Dispenser Leaking Oily Yellow-Brown Liquid
After running the dishwasher, while emptying it, I noticed a slightly greasy feel to the dishes. The next morning, I went to put dishes into the dishwasher to be shocked at finding a thick, greasy, oily, yellowish to brown residue with some kind of matter in it that appeared to have leaked out of the Jet Dry Rinse Dispenser. It even stained the door. I called for a service tech to come out and he said it was because someone dumped some kind of liquid over the dispenser! Okay, I wash my dishes before I wash them! It is also impossible to have something miraculously travel thru the cap of the dispenser and into the dispenser to have that kind of thick residue run off come out of the dispenser. The knob, or dipstick, or whatever that's a part of the cap and goes further into the dispenser also had residue on it with bits of this thick stuff hanging off of it. Then the tech tried to tell me that there had to be so much of whatever was dumped into the dishwasher that it pooled all around the dispenser and backed up into the dispenser tank and was leaking due to that. I was incensed. Utter nonsense! The dishwasher was fine, had a sign of something to come, then started leaking this stuff that stained the door and is still inside the dispenser because it is still leaking the stuff, only it's slightly thinner with little black particles that almost look like pepper. The guy told me he would clean the dispenser for a $75.00 service call, I had to pay that no matter what, and then $150.00 for the cleaning of the dispenser because my home warranty doesn't pay for cleaning. I don't think that brown oily greasy residue coming out of the dispenser is due to it needing to be cleaned(?)

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