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edmiller 12-19-2016 07:57 AM

Washer does not work
Washer stopped working from one day to the next.
That pop-out thingy that keeps the lid down doesn't pop out anymore and the washer doesn't start because of that.Can anyone help?

Katherine11 12-20-2016 08:05 PM

Hey edmiller,
First of all check whether the washer is getting power properly. Check the outlet whether it has power. To check the power, plug small appliances like hair dryer. Sometimes the motor may get overheated and requires time to cool down before it will restart.
If there is no issue with the power, the check whether the machine is in pause cycle. There'll be a lid switch probe that may sometimes become dislodged. In some models the washer may not start until the water is filled to the level that is selected. You can try advancing the timer and pull the knob and check whether the washer will start. If nothing helps, you should replace your washer. If you are deciding to replace your washer, here are few things which you should know before replacing Replacing your Washer and Dryer? What you need to know.... Hope this'll be helpful for you.

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